Current Course Offerings

Course Schedules and Descriptions


ENY3005 Principles of Entomology - Syllabus 2
ENY3005L Principles of Entomology Lab - Syllabus 1
ENY3006 Principles of Entomology (Graduate) - Syllabus 2
ENY3006L Principles of Entomology Lab (Graduate) - Syllabus 1

Natural Resource Conservation

ALS4932 Plant Communities of the Florida Panhandle - Syllabus 1
ALS4932L Plant Communities of the Florida Panhandle Field Lab 2
ALS5932 Plant Communities of the Florida Panhandle 1
ALS5932L Plant Communities of the Florida Panhandle Field Lab 2
FNR3131C Dendrology of Forest Plants - Syllabus 3
FNR3410C Natural Resource Sampling - Syllabus 3
FNR4623C Integrated Natural Resource Management 3
FNR4660C Natural Resource Policy and Administration 3
FOR3153C Forest Ecology 3
FOR3162C Silviculture 4
FOR3200C Foundations in Natural Resource Conservation - Syllabus 3
FOR3430C Forest Mensuration 3
FOR4110/5159 Ecology and Restoration of the Longleaf Pine Ecosystem 3
FOR4621 Forest Economics and Management 3
FOR4934 Ecology and Restoration of Invaded Ecosystems 3
FOR4934 Professional Development in the Natural Sciences 1
WIS3401 Wildlife Ecology and Management 3
WIS3402 Wildlife of Florida 3
WIS3402L Wildlife of Florida Lab 1
WIS4443C Wetland Wildlife Ecology 4
WIS4945C Wildlife Techniques 2

Plant Science

ORH3222C Turfgrass Culture 4
ORH3253C Introductory Nursery Management 4
ORH3513 Ornamental Plant Identification and Use 3
ORH3513L Ornamental Plant Identification and Use Lab 3
ORH3813C Landscape Design 3
ORH4223 Golf and Sports Turf Management 2
ORH4264C Greenhouse and Nursery Crop Culture 4
ORH4326C Landscape and Turfgrass Management 3
ORH4804 Annual and Perennial Gardening 1
ORH4804L Annual and Perennial Gardening Lab 2
ORH5206C Annual and Perennial Gardening 3
PLS3223L Plant Propagation Lab 1
PLS3223 Plant Propagation 3
PLS4601C Principles of Weed Science 3
PLS4941 Practical Work Experience in Environmental Horticulture - Syllabus 1-4
PLS5222 Advanced Plant Propagation 3

Soil and Water Sciences


Watershed Processes and Management


 Adv. Watershed Processes and Management


Distance Education Course Projections

N = Natural Resource Conservation; P = Plant Science; Sp = Spring; Su = Summer; Fa = Fall

Insect Resist Management

AEB3133 Prin Agribus Management 3 P
AEB3341 Selling Strategically 3 P
AEB3671 Comparative World Agriculture 3 P
AGR4512 Physiology & Ecology of Crops 3 P
AGR5511 Crop Ecology 3 P
ALS3133 Agriculture & Environmental Quality 3 P
ALS3153 Agricultural Ecology 3 P
ALS4154 Global Ecosystems 3 N, P
ALS4161 Exotic Spc & Bioscrty 3 N, P
ALS4162 Consequences of Biological Invasions 3 N, P
AOM4643 Environmental Hydrology 3 N, P
BCH3023 Elementary Organic & Biological Chemistry 3 N, P
BCH4024 Intro Biochemistry/Molecular Biology 4 N, P
ENC2210 Technical Writing 3 N, P
ENY3005/3005L Principles of Entomology and Lab 3 N, P
ENY3007C Life Science for Educators 3 P
ENY3222C Biol & ID Urban Pests 3 P
ENY3225C Prin Urban Pest Management 3 P
ENY3228 Urban Vertebrate Pest Management  3 P
ENY3510C Turf & Ornamental Entomology 3 P
ENY4161 Insect Classification 3 N, P
ENY4210 Insects and Wildlife 3 N, P
ENY4573 Beekeeping 3 P
ENY4592 Mosquito Biology 3 P
ENY4660/4660L Medical & Veterinary Entomology w/Lab 3 P
ENY4905 Ecol Vect Born Dis 2 N, P
ENY4905 Problems in Entomology VAR P
ENY6934 Insect Resist Management (Grad) - Syllabus 1  
FAS4932 Intro to Aquaculture 3 P
FNR4624C Field Ops Mgmt. Ecosys 3 N, P
FNR4660 Natural Resource Policy 3 N, P
FOR3202 Society & Natural Resources 3 N, P
GLY3163 Geology/American National Parks 3 N, P
ORH3222C Turfgrass Culture 4 P
ORH3253C Introductory Nursery Management 4 P
ORH3513C Plant Identification and Use 3 P
ORH4236C Ornamental Landscape Management 3 P
ORH4242C Arboriculture 3 P
ORH4256 Nutritional Management 3 P
ORH4264 Greenhouse and Nursery Crop Culture 3 P
ORH4804/4804L Annual and Perennial Gardening w/Lab 3 P
ORH4848 Landscape Plant Establishment 2 P
PLP3230 Survey of Plant Pathogens 3 N, P
PLS3004C Principles of Plant Science 3 P
PLS4601C Principles of Weed Science 3 P
PLS4950 Plant Science Capstone 3 P
STA2023 Intro to Statistics 1 3 P
SUR3393/3393L Geographic Information Systems w/Lab 3 N, P
SWS3022/3022L Introduction to Soils w/Lab - Lab Syllabus 4 N, P
SWS4180 Earth System Analysis 3 N, P
SWS4207 Sustainable Agriculture & Urban Land Mgmt. 3 N, P
SWS4223 Environmental Biogeochemistry 3 N, P
SWS4233 Soil & Water Conservation 3 N, P
SWS4244 Wetlands 3 N, P
SWS4303C Soil Microbial Ecology 3 N, P
SWS4307 Ecology of Waterborne Pathogens 3 N, P
SWS4550 Soil, Water, & Public Health 3 N, P
SWS4720C GIS in Soil and Water Science 3 N, P
SWS4800 Environmental Soil & Water Techniques 3 N, P
SWS4932 Forest and Soil Ecosystem Services 3 N, P
SWS4932 Hydric Soils (Live 2 wks in Gainesville 2 N, P
SWS4932 Math for Soil Scientists 2 P
SWS4932 Urban Soil and Water Systems 3 P
SWS4932 Wetlands Seminar 1 N, P
VME4012 Aquatic Animal Conservation Issues 3 N, P
VME4013 Aquatic Wildlife Health Issues 3 N, P
VME4016 Manatee Health 3 N, P
WIS3401 Wildlife Ecology & Management 3 N, P
WIS4427C Wildlife Habitat Management 3 N, P
WIS4934 Natural Resource Ecology 3 N, P