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West Florida Research and Education Center

West Florida Research and Education Center

WFREC Teaching - Degree Programs

Choose from two degree programs natural resource conservation and plant science.

Natural Resource Conservation

We offer a Bachelor of Science degree program in Natural Resource Conversation that is designed to provide graduates with expertise in the management and conservation of our natural heritage, from forests and wildlife to water and soil. 

Students learn about the interactions between all living things and the management of the natural resources contained within diverse ecosystems. Along with the required courses, students create their own curriculum to match specific interests and career goals.

Plant Science

We offer a Bachelor of Science degree program in Plant Science with a specialization in Landscape and Nursery Horticulture that deals with the art and science of breeding, propagating, installing and maintaining plants that are used to enhance and improve the human environment. In this sustainable field, students can be creative, work outdoors, and enhance lives through the use of plants in their surroundings. 

Students learn about the cutting edge of technology in plant science. This degree blends knowledge in business, plant science, and the environment allowing students to focus on their interests and to prepare them for a career in the horticultural industry.