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West Florida Research and Education Center

West Florida Research and Education Center


In order to be admitted into one of our programs, students must first have 60 transferable semester hours of college credit and meet the prerequisite requirements of the program of choice. These requirements can be met via an A.A. degree from a community college (like Pensacola State College) or from another university. We also accept Post Baccalaureate students into our program.

You should consult the college/major to which you plan to apply or contact us at 850-983-7125 for information specific to your intended major, as each program has unique requirements for admission and deadlines.

Interested high school students should take as much science (e.g. biology, chemistry, and physics) and math (e.g. algebra, trigonometry, and pre-calculus) as possible in preparation for the prerequisite courses.

Make sure to submit any required documents prior to their deadlines.

Alabama Residents

Alabama residents that reside in Baldwin, Barbour, Butler, Clarke, Coffee, Conecuh, Covington, Crenshaw, Dale, Escambia, Gevena, Henry, Houston, Mobile, Monroe, or Pike county may be eligible for in-state tuition.

Degree Seeking Transfer Application

For students wishing to earn a degree through one of our programs, apply online and send a copy of the transcripts containing the courses that meet the program prerequisite requirements to the Office of Admission, P.O. Box 114000, Gainesville, Florida 32611-4000. Alternatively, contact us at 850-983-7125.

Non-Degree Seeking Application

For students which are non-degree seeking, such as professionals that wish to earn college credit but do not wish to seek a degree, you may apply for our non-degree seeking program. When applying, select the “Milton Agriculture Program”.

For More Information

Contact us at 850-983-7125.