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Watershed Management Lab

Research tools

We have several tools and instruments to facilitate meaningful research in the Watershed Management lab.

photo of a laboratory

The Lab

The Watershed Management Lab has space for students to conduct lab analyses and prepare field instrumentation for deployment.

photo of ion chromatograph in lab

Ion Chromatograph

We operate a Dionex Ion Chromatograph in the Watershed Management Lab. This allows us to quantify several common anions and cations in water samples, with little sample preparation and little waste produced.

person walking in creek holding field equipment

Stream current meters

Current meters such as the Price mini and Price AA allow us to measure water velocity and streamflow when we visit stream sites.

(Coming soon—Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler!)

automatic stormwater samplers

Automatic stormwater samplers

We have four automatic stormwater samplers that we can use to take 24 samples from streams or other waterbodies at fixed intervals.

environmental research instrumentation in field

Water quality instrumentation

We use a variety of instruments to measure physical and chemical parameters in streams and aquifers in northwest Florida.

image of desktop using arcmap GIS software

GIS tools

We use ArcMap, ArcGIS Online, and other ESRI tools to conduct spatial analyses in our lab.

section of topographic map

Topographic maps

Old-school as it may be, there is no substitute for a standard USGS 1:24,000 topographic map. We use them for our field research, project planning, and teaching.