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Watershed Management Lab

Publications and Resources

Select Publications

  • Deitch, M.J. and Feirer, S.T., 2019. Cumulative impacts of residential rainwater harvesting on stormwater discharge through a peri-urban drainage network. Journal of Environmental Management243, pp.127-136. 
  • Deitch, M.J., Van Docto, M., Obedzinski, M., Nossaman, S.P., Bartshire, A., 2018. Impact of multi-annual drought on streamflow and habitat in coastal California salmonid streams. Hydrological Sciences Journal, 63, 1219-1235.

  • Obedzinski, M., Nossaman Pierce, S., Horton, G.E., Deitch, M.J., 2018. Effects of Flow-Related Variables on Oversummer Survival of Juvenile Coho Salmon in Intermittent Streams. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society, 147, 588–605.

  • Deitch, M.J., Sapundjieff, M.J.&, and Feirer, S.T., 2017. Characterizing Precipitation Variability and Trends in the World’s Mediterranean-Climate Areas. Water, 9 (4), 259,

  • Deitch, M.J., and B. Dolman. 2017. Restoring summer base flow under a decentralized water management regime: Constraints, opportunities, and outcomes in Mediterranean-climate California. Water 9 (1): 29, 

  • Deitch, M.J., S.T. Feirer, and M. van Docto. 2016. A spatially explicit framework for assessing the effects of weather and water rights on streamflow. Applied Geography 67: 14-26. 

Select Presentations


UF IFAS West Florida Research and Education Center

The nine full-time faculty of the University of Florida IFAS West Florida Research and Education Center conduct important research, teaching, and Extension in the fields of agriculture and natural resources.

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