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Watershed Management Lab

Effects of rising water levels and hydrologic variability on salinity and coastal ecosystems 

Rising sea levels and warmer temperatures will have a profound impact on estuarine ecosystems along  the Gulf of Mexico. These changes are likely to affect a wide range of services these ecosystems provide us along the coast, including shellfisheries, beaches, tourism, and recreation.

oyster beds in the Suwannee River Estuary

Project Summary

Led by Ph.D. student Jiahua Zhou, our research investigates how changes in sea level and hydrologic variability are likely to influence estuary salinity along Florida's Gulf Coast, and how these changes in salinity can affect ecological communities in our estuaries. So far, our research is finding things you may not expect!

Check out Jiahua's 2019 Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation biennial meeting poster here.