Dr. Mack Thetford

Associate Professor, Landscape Ornamentals and Plant Propagation

Dr. Thetford co-teaches two state-wide web-based courses on plant propagation and Annual and Perennial Gardening and oversees the UF/IFAS Milton Gardens on the campus of Pensacola State College. Dr. Thetford’s teaching program includes courses in Plant Propagation, Plant Identification, Annual and Perennial Gardening, Dendrology and Plant Communities of the Florida Panhandle. His personal research interests center around two major areas. The first area is development of propagation and production protocols with emphasis on native plants – particularly uncommon coastal species useful for dune restoration efforts. The second area of interest is evaluation of ornamental species for low input landscapes. He is also presently working with researchers to learn more about a rare coastal bee species associated with the Florida native wildflower Balduina angustifolia (Honeycomb Flower) and collaborating on research to learn more about the reproductive biology and management of the invasive Japanese Climbing Fern. In 2014 Dr. Thetford began initial field evaluations of Pomegranate and Olives in conjunction with Dr. Wes Wood. When not getting his hands dirty with plants, Dr. Thetford restores turn-of-the-20th-century Gulf Coast Florida houses. 




Dr. Mack Thetford, Associate Professor